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Medetaki Noutori No Fuji, Kataoka Tamako Kumo Waku Sankyou, Higashiyama Kaii Chouyou Ouka Fuji, Nakajima Chinami

Monet no ike zu
Hiramatsu Reiji

A Day in the Pacific Ocean
Yokoyama Taikan

Harusansui Japon
Hiramatsu Reiji

Our Service

Supreme Quality
We strongly pursued the quality of our merchandise. We always deal with the supreme quality artworks and the artists are the great masters..

Money Back Guarantee
Usually, there is a high risk involved in purchasing a valuable artwork online. You may worry whether your order is a fake or damaged, and may hesitate to purchase. In Gallery-SAKURA, there is not such a risk at all.

Customer Convenience
There are troublesome procedures like customs when you purchase something from foreign countries. However Gallery-SAKURA eliminated a lot of drudgery.

Money Back Guarantee
Our Service

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Book of Japanese paintings

Gallery-SAKURA presents a book of Japanese paintings every month under a lottery system.

Book of Japanese paintings


Fukuoji Horin
Gokura Senjin
Goto Sumio
Hayami Gyoshu
Hieda Kazuho
Higashiyama Kaii
Hirakawa Toshio
Hiramatsu Reiji
Hirayama Ikuo
Hori Fumiko
Inoue Shujo
Ishiodori Tatsuya
Ito Shinsui
Kaburaki Kiyokata
Kataoka Tamako
Katayama Nanpu
Kawai Gyokudo

Kayama Matazo
Kobayashi Kokei
Kudo Kojin
Maeda Seison
Matsuo Toshio
Momo Kou
Morita Kohei
Morita Rieko
Nabatame Koichi
Nakaji Yujin
Nakajima Chinami
Ogura Yuki
Okuda Gensou
Okumura Togyu
Oyama Chusaku
Oyama Katashi
Saito Kiyoshi
Sakamoto Yukino

Senju Hiroshi
Shibusawa Kei
Shimizu Nori
Shimoda Yoshihiro
Sugisaki Houshou
Sugiyama Yasushi
Tabuchi Toshio
Takayama Tatsuo
Takeuchi Seiho
Tomioka Tessai
Uemura Atsushi
Uemura Shoen
Uemura Shoko
Yamaguchi Hoshun
Yamaguchi Kayo
Yasuda Yukihiko
Yokoyama Misao
Yokoyama Taikan

Customer Feedback

We are very impressed with the service of Gallery-Sakura. We were visiting Giverny and discovered the artist, Hiramatsu and after searching on the internet, we learned that Gallery-Sakura had one of his numbered prints. While still in Paris, we sent an email and received an immediate response and were able communicate effectively via email to purchase the print. Their service is excellent and we are thrilled that our print was carefully packaged and shipped safely to the US without a glitch. We would highly recommend them, wherever you are living in the world!

Ted & Barbara Adachi
San Mateo, CA
Art lovers and collectors

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