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Frequent Asked Question

Q: Can I request the artwork which is not on the Gallery-SAKURA website?
A: Of course! We have much connection to the art dealers in Japan, we do every effort to find the artwork which you want.

Q: Are there discounts available?

A: It depends on the artworks and other situation. Please ask us when you inquire.

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable?

A: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment.

Q: How are artworks shipped?

A: Gallery-SAKURA uses FedEx for air shipments of orders of normal artworks. Orders of extraordinary artworks are used other delivery service.

Q: How long does it take to me to receive my order?
A: It takes approximately 1 week from your payment is confirmed. If we do not have stocks, we find the artwork first, and then we contact you. It takes same time from your payment is confirmed in this case too.

Q: What if my order is damaged?

A: Our shipment are insured. So if the artwork you receive is damaged, Gallery-SAKURA will ship the substitute artwork or refund the full amount of money you paid, based on the following guidelines.
1> In case of your order is the original painting, we will ship the similar artwork which is painted by the same artist or refund the full amount of money you paid.
2> In case of your order is the print, we will ship the same artwork or refund the full amount of money you paid.

If you have further questions, please E-mail:.

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